The Huntington Homeowners' Association

St. Petersburg, Florida


          The Huntington units are owned in fee simple, not as part of a condominium.


          The sale of a unit to a new owner does not require any approval from the association.


          Owners are required to purchase homeowner’s insurance (HO-3 or the equivalent) for their unit and to provide proof each year to the association that they are insured. The association itself does not have insurance on any of the buildings. The association does have liability and casualty insurance for the common areas, including the courtyard and the pool.

     Sales Documents

          The association requests proof of insurance from the title company at closing, and prior to closing contact information for the new owner, including an email address.


          The association treasurer will provide estoppel information or fill out a form. Email the form or request to


          The association contracts with Terminix for control of subterranean termites. If any such termites are found on an inspection, that should be referred to the association. Drywood termites are the responsibility of the individual unit owners. Most unit owners contract with a pest control company for annual inspection and treatment.

Quick Information for Realtors and Title Agents