The Huntington Homeowners' Association

St. Petersburg, Florida



February 7, 2021

President David Egbert declared that a quorum was present (9 needed) and called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m.

Present: Timothy Baker (16), Dave Egbert (4), Lola Walker (21), Mark Welton (12), Lisa Grover (17), Kent Tse (5), JA Booker (23), Anne Marantz (8), Pam Haigh (27), Lisa Palmer (9), Quay Peters (19), Joe Maka (18), Robin Warren (25) and Phil Foley (15). In addition, secretary Tim Baker had received proxy ballots from LaBoone (7), Maddux (3), White (22), Bourdow (1) and Schlichting (20). A total of 19 owners out of 27 were thus in attendance either in person or by proxy.

Minutes: Ms. Walker moved that the minutes from the annual meeting of 2020 be approved, and Mr. Egbert seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

President’s Report: Mr. Egbert reported on three major jobs that had been completed in 2020.

     1) The operating machinery for the front gate was installed. This included new safety and other improvements. However, due to various problems, some 20 service calls were needed before the gate seemed to be working consistently as it should. Those calls were part of the warranty service and were not charged to the Huntington.

     2) All of the buildings were pressure washed. The association has the buildings painted every ten years, and pressure washed at the mid point between paintings. As a follow up, some wood repair was found to be needed around three chimneys. That was near completion as the meeting was held.

     3) Brick work was done at a number of locations, including in the courtyard near the big tree.

Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Baker reported that the reserve account had about $30,000 more at the end of 2020 ($63,797) than had been forecast. This was due to lower cost for the pressure washing and brick repairs than had been scheduled in the long term reserve plan. However, there were factors that might mean that that money might be needed.

     1) $26,000 had been set aside for brick work, but only $1,600 was spent. However, that total needs to cover all the remaining years in the plan, which goes through 2043.

     2) The plan foresees about $2,000 in interest income per year. However, with low interest rates at present, interest income has been negligible - just $6.67 in 2020. That could change and the association may earn more in future years, but that isn’t guaranteed.

     3) The plan has no category for landscaping, so the association has no money set aside to update the landscaping when that is needed. Mr. Baker said he will recommend to the board that a large portion of the $30,000 be put in a landscape category.

New Business: Mr. Egbert reported on landscape work that will be scheduled for 2021. He also asked if any of the members was willing to be in charge of a project to have a well installed to provide water for irrigation. No one volunteered.

Old Business: Mr. Baker said that new lights will be installed along the brick perimeter wall once has found an electrician for the job. He said that the association had purchased one of the new fixtures to make sure it was suitable. He, Mr. Egbert and Mr. Foley thought it was fine.

Election: Seven owners had been nominated to serve for they year on the board of directors. They were Mr. Egbert, Mr. Baker, Mr. Booker, Ms. Walker, Ms. Haigh, Mr. Foley and Mr. Welton. Mr. Egbert moved that the slate be accepted, and Mr. Foley seconded. The motion was approved unanimously. The proxy ballots were all in favor of the slate. Ms. Haigh will be new to the board, while the others were incumbents.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Timothy J. Baker

acting secretary

Minutes of Annual Meeting of 2022