The Huntington Homeowners' Association

St. Petersburg, Florida

Swimming Pool Rules

The first nine rules are required by the Pinellas County Health Department.

1. No food or beverages in pool or on pool wet deck.

2. No glass or animals in the fenced pool area.

3. Bathing load: 8 persons.

4. Pool hours: dawn to dusk.

5. Shower before entering the pool.

6. Do not swallow pool water.

7. Do not use pool if ill with diarrhea.

8. Persons under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.


In addition, the association asks the following, to help keep the pool neat and clean.

1. Before leaving the pool, arrange the furniture neatly around the deck. If you moved any furniture from under the cabana, please return it. Treat the pool furniture with respect. It’s expensive to replace.

2. Please clean any tables that you use. You may also want to clean them before use, as they quickly become dirty in the outdoors.

3.Take all personal articles home with you including toys, dishes, etc.

4. If you have trash, please put it in the garbage can or take it with you.

5. If you use the grill, check the gas cylinder. If it seems empty, please notify John McElroy at If you have guests using the grill, please have them let you know if the cylinder is empty so that you can notify John.

6. Clean the grill surface after use.

7. Out of respect to the residents near the pool, loud noise and music are prohibited.

8. Make sure the pool gate is shut and locked when you leave.

9. Regarding guests: It is preferred that guests be accompanied by a resident. If that is not possible, the resident should inform the association president ( that an unaccompanied party is using the pool at a certain time and date. Please keep these requests to a minimum. Do not give permanent gate keys to friends and family. The guest’s vehicles should be parked on the street or in the host’s garage. Parking in the courtyard is not allowed. Any resident wanting to use the pool for a private party should contact Tim Baker ( We do not have a reservation system for the pool. However, Tim will notify all of the residents of the plans so that any conflicts can be worked out.